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Does anyone know where I can find “Women’s Murder Club” to watch like online for free? I would love you forever if you told me!

Not to watch, but to download; http://these-feelings-made-us.tumblr.com/tagged/download_wmc

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Please note these questions aren’t ‘frequently asked,’ I have only gotten one message so far so to say these are frequently asked would be far fetched! They’re just questions I don’t want to answer in the future.
If you read all this and your question wasn’t here, please ask us. 
We will update this from time to time. 

Where do I watch/download Women’s Murder Club?
-  I have yet to find a website that allows you to watch it, but this Cindy/Lindsay blog on Tumblr has all the episodes to download, including the unaired pilot. [link]

Which is your favorite Women’s Murder Club book and episode? Whom is your favorite character?
- Book is a cross between Fourth of July and Third Degree. Episode is FBI Guy, mostly cause of the name haha. Character is Jill Bernhardt, before she died of course.

Which do you prefer; the TV series or the book series?
- The books. More thrilling than the TV show, and longer.

How did you find Women’s Murder Club?
- I bought Ninth Judgment at an airport (along with Crime and Punishment. I don’t know why I added this in.) when I was becoming interested in law enforcement and police. I heard Patterson was a good author, and I like the thought of a series set in San Francisco, so I bought it. I found the TV show because I Googled other WMC books to purchase after reading Ninth Judgement and Fifth Horseman.

Where do you get your screen caps and photos?
- I downloaded them (see question one) and capped them using VLC Media Player. I also make GIFs using VLC. Everything else I reblog, pretty much.

Where can I buy WMC books?
- Ebay.com is an amazing choice. People often do WMC bundles for twenty bucks or so which is a little over the price of a single WMC book in Barnes and Noble. I bought all mine in Barnes and Noble but it burned a huge hole in my wallet! If you’re a member of a local library, they often stock James Patterson.

What are the names of all the WMC books?
- First to Die
Second Chance
Third Degree
Fourth of July
Fifth Horseman
Sixth Target
Seventh Heaven
Eighth Confession
Ninth Judgement
Tenth Anniversary 


What colorings do you use?
- All the colorings I use can be found here or here.

Can I have the coloring you used on ____?
- No. Most of my PSDs I have I forget who the creator is and to give you the PSD would be unfair on the creator. That being said, I’ll gladly give it to you if I made the PSD… however I rarely make them anymore. 

Can I have the link to your theme?
- It’s this one. If you’re reading this and it’s changed, feel free to make me aware of it. 

Can you gif/cap ____?
- I can but please specify the episode and preferably time of the scene. Asking for a gif of “Lindsay shooting that man” doesn’t work!

 Do you know of any other WMC blogs or blogs for the actors who portray the characters?
- Fuck Yeah, Women’s Murder Club!
My-Mechanical-Heart (posts WMC, her graphics are awesome)
These-Feelings-Made-Us (Cindy/Lindsay blog, also posts WMC; the owner of this also owns the blog above)

Can I run this blog with you?
- Maybe I’ll add another mod some day, but I like running the office by myself for now. 

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